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Stay Safe with Private Security from Lees Security

Travel safely with private security from Lees Security in Las Vegas, Nevada and New Jersey. Our security company provides armed and unarmed personal bodyguards, as well as retail and corporate security to meet your needs. Contact us at (856) 433-4996 to hire personal protection today.

We Protect:

• Malls

• Retail Stores

• Office Buildings

Private Security

Protect yourself from threats of all kinds with private security from Lees Security. We offer highly trained security personnel that travel anywhere in the United States to keep you safe. Whether you're traveling across the city, state, or country, we provide you with the protection you need. We prefer at least 6 weeks of advance notice, but are usually available within a few days. Call us today to acquire added security.

Retail Security

In addition to private security, we provide retail security for office buildings and stores. We offer on-foot and mobile security patrols that guard your premises to prevent trespassing, shoplifting, and potentially dangerous situations. Our services are available 24-hours a day based on your needs.

Call us at (856) 433-4996 to learn more about our private and retail security services today.

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